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Last Knight Environment Art

The environment of the endless jousting platformer game Last Knight. Put together in Unreal Engine 3 as track chunks with which the world gets generated endlessly on the fly. Furthermore props/elements, items and enemies get also spawned randomly on top.

David hagemann environment sculpts

Most of the environment assets and textures were sculpted in Zbrush. The bottom piece is baked to a seamless mesh/texture and then used to build any isle cliff chunk.

David hagemann masterknight

The Road theme

David hagemann joustforest

The Forest theme

David hagemann cavebridge

The Cave theme

David hagemann jumpy

The River Isles theme

David hagemann volcano

The Volcano theme

David hagemann 66

The Graveyard theme

David hagemann smashed

The environment features a material effect that visualizes every impact with deformation and texture blend

David hagemann snowing

The weather system features seamless blending as the snow here shows. Furthermore there is rain, fog and lightning.

David hagemann c skeletonkingwasted
David hagemann 33 hornmissing
David hagemann smashboth

Randomized Weather System

Touching the world has an impact