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Paper Monsters 2

For the successor I set out to push the papercraft artstyle to be roughly painted while the environment also gets an upgrade in fidelity, yet everything is still 100% recyle able paper.

David hagemann renderbig
David hagemann renderpixel402

The gang is going to munch some cardboard heroes

David hagemann crocwalk

Croc going on a walk

David hagemann cardboardguy

The cardboard hero, run, slide, climb and jump

David hagemann raptorbite

Raptor munching

David hagemann piranha2

Piranha swim, piranha bites

David hagemann enemiespm2 b

The gang

David hagemann renderother

Froggy, croc and piranha

David hagemann renderother2

Birdy, speedy raptor and raptor

Paper Monsters Of The Jungle